Corona Virus Response


To our Valued Customers,

Please see below update for Pennsylvania customers on Harpers Delivery Service

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue, we have been adjusting our staffing while continuing to ship all orders possible.  Two weeks ago our incoming orders averaged 3500 per day total for both laboratories.  Last Friday we received 375 total.  As our work in process continues to drop we are shutting down some lines and furloughing affected employees, but we will continue to have customer service at both labs and at least one full production line that can process your orders.  We are continuing with all possible safety precautionary measures within the labs, and have provided all full time furloughed employees with 80 hours of paid time off.  This is a tough time for all and our hope is that we can get back to our regular work schedule as soon as possible.


NEW DELIVERY PROTOCOL:   As delivery service shipped volume has drastically decreased, both the Interstate Lab Group and our delivery companies are being forced to make adaptations to their schedules.  We are transitioning to only making delivery stops if there is an item to deliver (UPS deliveries are not affected).  Please follow the below for current directives for each delivery service:


Ohio:  Effective Monday April 6th all Mercury Delivery service customers currently on “automatically stop every day” will be on “One Way” (call delivery company if you need them to pick up).  Please call Mercury at (800) 527-2187 for pickups.  For customers currently on Mansfield Delivery Service, effective Tuesday April 7thh we will transition to only UPS.

Indiana:  All Indiana Wheels Delivery customers have now been transitioned to “Delivery Only” (call Interstate Lab Group Indy at (800) 506-4703 if you need to schedule a pick up).  In addition Wheels is only running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays currently.

Pennsylvania:  We have just been notified that Wednesday April 1 (tomorrow) will be the final day that Harpers Delivery will operate.  As a result, all customers currently on Harpers Delivery will be moved to UPS beginning Thursday April 2nd.   We will be sending a supply of UPS return labels out with the final Wednesday delivery. Please call if you have any questions.


In addition each of the delivery companies are no longer traveling to some areas.  If your delivery falls into this category we will contact you and set up an alternative shipping method, normally UPS.  We will let you know as further changes around deliveries occur.  


YOUR OFFICE SCHEDULE:  Thank you to all of you who have advised us of your open/closed schedules.  It is very helpful as we navigate through this new reality.


SALES CONSULTANT ACCESS:  Your sales consultant continues to be readily available and can help with remote support programs such as staff training or business reviews to help you better understand your product mix and profitability opportunities.  In addition he/she can review details on all of the customer support programs that have been made available as a result of the current situation, such as free access to Essilor ECP University, new deadlines for expiring programs, and extended payment options.


Thank you for your business.  We will continue to keep you updated through emails and our website.


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Dear Valued Customer:

As you have likely heard, Ohio’s governor issued a stay-at-home order yesterday.  Businesses categorized as essential are exempt.  As this potentially affects our Ohio lab location, we wanted to again reach out to you to communicate our plans.

As a manufacturer of a Class 1 Medical Device we are an essential healthcare operation under the Federal CISA Guidance, and as such it is our obligation to remain open.  We appreciate the seriousness and sensitivity during this time and we fully acknowledge that it is our responsibility to assist in efforts to decrease viral transmission, and as such we are continuing our aggressive cleaning and sanitizing protocols, practicing social distancing in our laboratories and following the guidelines of the CDC.

As communicated previously, with our two lab locations and the support of the full Essilor lab network we are well prepared to continue to fulfill all of your orders should the situation further escalate. 

Thank you for your support.  We will continuously monitor the situation and make decisions with vigilance as supported by evidence-based information, and guided by our mission and values.

Stay safe,

John Art



Dear Valued Customer:

Amid all the news around the COVID-19 situation I wanted to send an update on how the Interstate Lab Group is adapting.

Our primary concern is the health and safety of our employee team and their families as well as our customers, and accordingly we have instituted many safety protocols.  In addition to following all of the recommendations of the CDC, we have implemented extreme cleaning and sanitizing processes of our workplaces, social distancing directives and paid sick time for those employees affected or needing to care for their young children.  We have eliminated all non-emergency travel and our sales consultants are only utilizing teleconference sales calls.

As you may be aware, the Ohio governor is requiring all Ohio businesses to monitor the temperature of all employees daily and we are planning procedures to fully comply. 

Several of you have begun reducing hours, eliminated non-emergency appointments or closing altogether for a period of time.  Please inform us if you are closing so we can hold your shipments and eliminate unnecessary delivery stops.

We are well-prepared for business continuity should the situation escalate.  We have a comprehensive crisis management plan in place, using our two laboratory locations in Ohio and Indiana.  Both have full production capabilities including digital and Crizal.  We have systems ready should we need to convert to off-site customer service as well as to route orders between labs.

As part of the Essilor lab network, we also have a nation-wide network of over 100 labs and over 300 Rx partners worldwide that could be used for outsourced production in an emergency situation.  You can feel confident in our ability to always fulfill your orders.

The situation is fluid and changing rapidly.  Our goal is to adapt to the current needs while doing all we can to be well-prepared for when this crisis passes.

Please stay safe and I sincerely appreciate your business and support as we work our way through this unprecedented environment.

John Art

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